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  1. In some situations, bankESB may provide an additional level of security and ask you to verify your identity. This is another level of security for your protection.

  2. For login assistance you can call toll free at 855.527.4111.

  3. If you forgot your Password, click on the Forgot Password link located on Logins area at or on the User ID and Password screen. You will then be asked to enter information to identify yourself and allowed to choose and confirm your new Password.

  4. Quicken® Web Connect
    The Web Connect service is an on demand update for your Quicken® software that is completed by you at your convenience from your bankESB Online Banking profile. Simply sign in to bankESB Online Banking to export transactions directly from your account history and import them into your Quicken® software. NOTE: This is the most secure process for maintaining your Quicken® software as you do not have to share your online banking User ID and Password with the Quicken® software.

    Quicken® Direct Connect
    With the Direct Connect service your Quicken® software communicates directly with a connection to your bankESB Online Banking profile. To establish this service, you will need to initiate a connection process between your Quicken® software and your bankESB Online Banking profile. To enroll in Quicken® Direct Connect, navigate to Profile > Service Center > Quicken and QuickBooks, and click the Enroll button.

  5. The available balance displayed on your deposit accounts includes your current balance minus any holds. Your available balance displayed does not include savings overdraft, unused reserve credit and assigned overdraft privilege limits. The available balance displayed on your loan accounts is the amount of the funds available for your use.

  6. bankESB is dedicated to your security and is partnered with a service called FraudWatch PLUS that monitors your account activity and reviews the activity for suspicious behavior. When leaving the area it is best to notify bankESB of your travel plans so a note can be made and your ATM/Debit card will remain active.

  7. Simply select the interest-bearing account you wish to inquire on and click Details on the right side of the History page. The Account Details page will display Interest Rate, Year to Date Interest, and Previous Year Interest.

  8. To change your account nickname, select the desired account, and click Settings on the right side of the History page. Scroll down to Manage Nicknames, enter the nickname you'd like to give the account, and click Save. 

  9. The bankESB "Transfer to Another Person's Account at this Financial Institution" service enables you to transfer funds to other individuals with accounts at bankESB. Once you enter the information requested for the individual and the account that you would like to establish transfer capability to, the destination account will be added to your list of "To Accounts" on the "Make A Transfer" screen.

  10. bankESB loan payments can be scheduled by accessing the Transfers option. On the "Make a Transfer" page, choose the "Recurring" option from the "Frequency" drop down. Select the appropriate frequency, start date, and duration to establish the recurring payment.

  11. Transferring funds between your bankESB accounts and your accounts at other financial institutions is convenient, quick and easy. To get started, access the “Transfer Accounts” screen located in the Transfers menu. Choose the option to “Add Account” and then choose the “My account at another financial institution” option. Complete the required fields and click “Add Account” to submit the request to add this account to your Online Banking transfer accounts profile. Within a few days of submitting this information, two small deposits will be made to your external account. To complete the setup of your external account, return to the Manage Transfer Accounts page and verify the amount of the deposits. Once the two deposits are verified, for additional security you will receive a secure message requesting that you contact Customer Care at 855.527.4111 to provide validation of the addition this External Transfer account.

  12. To add a new payee, click the Pay My Bills tab and click Add a Company or Person on the Payment Center tab. To delete a payee, from the Payment Center tab in Pay My Bills, click on the payee you would like to delete. When the payee details screen displays, click Delete under the payee icon on the left side of the screen. To edit a payee, from the Payment Center tab in Pay My Bills, click on the payee you would like to edit. When the payee details screen displays, make the desired edits and click Save Changes.


  13. Recurring and future-dated transfers and payments display in the "Scheduled Transfers" section on the "Transfer Activity" page which is accessed via the "Transfers" option. To edit or delete a scheduled transfer or payment, simply select the corresponding transfer and click the "Edit Transfer" or "Cancel Transfer" links as appropriate.

  14. Yes. Simply log into Online Banking, click on your name at the top right of the screen, then click on My Profile > Change User ID.

  15. Yes. Simply log into Online Banking, click on your name at the top right of the screen, then click on My Profile > Change password.

  16. No. For security purposes, your Online User ID and Password must be different.

  17. Simply log into Online Banking, click on your name at the top right of the screen, then click on My Profile > Change Security Information.

  18. To gain access to your bankESB eStatements, select the account that you'd like to sign up for eStatements, then click on eStatements on the right side of the screen. Navigate to the Statement Delivery Preferences section and click the Electronic Statement Agreement to read and accept the Terms and Conditions. Once accepted, navigate to Enrollment Preference to select the accounts you would like to sign up for eStatements and click on Accept and Update Preferences. 

  19. The option to "Send a Travel Notification" is located in the Service Center which is accessed by clicking on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. To submit this notification, simply enter your card number, the dates you will be traveling, and your destination. Click Submit to send the notification to Customer Care.

  20. If you lost, misplaced, or had your bankESB Debit/ATM card stolen or you believe that you have unauthorized card - based transactions posted to your account, you now have the ability to disable your card immediately by simply clicking on the “Deactivate” button for the corresponding card on the Activate/Deactivate my ATM/Debit card page. Even better, if you have disabled your card but then subsequently find or retrieve your card, simply click the “Reactivate” button that will appear below to instantly use your card again.

  21. Alerts are located in the Service Center. Click on your name on the top right of the screen > Service Center > Manage My Alerts > My Alerts. To begin, navigate to the Add Notification Subscription, select the alert you wish to activate, and click Add Subscription. 

  22. The option to add “Another Person’s Account at this Financial Institution” enables you to transfer funds to other individuals with accounts as bankESB. Our “External Account” service enables you to transfer funds to or from your accounts at another financial institution.  

  23. Under the Service Center tab, click the Quicken and Quickbooks link under the Electronic Services section. On this page, scroll to the "Register for Direct Connect" section and simply click the enroll button.

  24. Contact bankESB Customer Care at 855.527.4111 OR click Forgot Online User ID located on the “Logins” area of

  25. If you do not recognize your security questions, call Customer Care at 855.527.4111.

  26. There are several reasons a transfer might fail. Generally transfers will fail due to insufficient funds in the account you are trying to transfer from. If funds are available call Customer Care at 855.527.4111.

  27. To request that payment be stopped on a check that you have written, please complete the information located on the stop a check payment page.

    Submitting this request online represents authorization to bankESB to place a stop payment on the selected account and item. An online request to stop payment on a check or series of checks does not guarantee that the check will be stopped, as the item may have already been processed and posted to your account. You will be notified if there is a problem in placing the stop payment you have requested.

    When you approve the stop payment the fee will be automatically deducted from your account. Click here to view our fee schedule for the stop payment fee amount.

    Please note that you cannot use this function to stop payment on a payment processed through online Bill Pay. To cancel or stop online Bill Pay call Customer Care at 855.527.4111.

    In requesting a stop payment, you agree 1) that you must notify us in writing to cancel this order if and when the reason for the stop payment ceases to exist; 2) that the closing of the account upon which this check is drawn will automatically cancel this order and 3) that this order expires and is no longer in effect six (6) months from the date that this order was placed unless you have already cancelled or renewed the stop payment order.

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