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  1. An eStatement is a prompt and secure electronic version of your account statement viewable by you using bankESB Online banking. No more waiting for the mail or shredding paper statements. With eStatements you can view, save and print your statement at your own convenience.

  2. Yes! bankESB Online banking is a requirement to view eStatements. If you do not currently have bankESB Online banking please visit one of our local offices and sign up! Online banking is easy and free for banking that fits your life perfectly. If you already use bankESB Online banking for your business accounts, eStatements is quick and easy to set up! Simply sign into your bankESB Online banking, click the eDocuments tab then click “view statements”. Read, print and accept the eStatement disclosure and you will immediately have access to your eStatements!

  3. Yes. You may choose which statement accounts you would like to view in bankESB Online banking.

  4. Electronic Statements are produced in PDF format. In addition to the System Requirements for bankESB Online banking, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free of charge at

  5. With eStatements you will have access to 18 months of statements!

  6. No. Once you sign up you will receive eStatements for all selected statement accounts that are viewable in your online banking. Your paper statement will be discontinued the following statement cycle.

  7. Absolutely. If you decide eStatements are not for you simply send a secure email or call us during normal business hours to notify us you would like to receive paper statements.

  8. It is easy to view a check image using eStatements. Simply click on “view check images” in your statement and all of your images from the statement will be available.

  9. Yes. Simply click on View/Print all checks or on a specific check number you would like to print in the eStatement. Both the front and back of the check will be viewable. Click file and print. It’s that easy!

  10. eStatements are FREE! There are no fees associated with this service.

  11. Yes, your statement will remain on the same cycle. In fact, with eStatements you will receive your statement faster because you won’t have to wait for the mail!

  12. You will receive an eStatement for all of your statement accounts that are viewable in your Online banking. If you have an account that is not viewable in your bankESB Online banking, click on the Service Center tab under electronic services and click on add or remove account or call Customer Care at 855.527.4111.

  13. There are several ways to retain your statements using eStatements:

    • Simply save your statement to your computer.
    • Download or burn your statement onto a disk or CD.
    • Download your statement into Microsoft Money (QFX)
    • Download your statement into Quicken (QIF) or Quickbooks.
  14. You will receive a monthly email notifying you that your statement is available.

  15. Yes! Your eStatement will contain all of the same information as your paper statement including images of your cancelled checks and other documents, disclosures and important messages from bankESB.

  16. As long as the joint account holder has bankESB Online banking, they are on the account, and the account is viewable in online banking they will have access to EStatements.

  17. No. You can only have your monthly notification sent to the email address listed in your bankESB Online banking.

  18. If you change your email we request that you update your email address in online banking using the “change email address” link in the services tab. This will ensure that you receive your monthly email notifying you that your eStatement is available.

  19. Included your periodic statement you will receive marketing and important messages such as changes in terms, account notices, the annual privacy disclosure and any other required disclosures.

  20. You will continue to receive NSF notices, loan bills, CD maturity notices, 1099 forms, 1098 forms etc. through postal mail.

  21. If your account is closed your final statement will be mailed to you in paper form through the postal mail.

  22. At bankESB we are dedicated to keeping your information safe and secure. You may rest easy knowing that your financial information will be protected with state-of-the-art security every step of the way. For detailed information regarding our security practices, simply sign into bankESB Online banking, click the “Service Center” tab and then click “Online Banking” services in the Electronic Services section.

  23. Absolutely! Simply let us know you would like to combine your statements. Notify us by secure message in your bankESB Online banking or call 855-527-4111 during normal business hours.

  24. If you have further questions regarding eStatements please contact us by secure message in your bankESB Online banking or call 855-527-4111 during normal business hours.

  25. eStatements is quick and easy to set up. To gain access to your bankESB eStatements, select the account that you would like to enroll and click the eStatements link. Navigate to the "Statement Delivery Preferences" section, click and review the Electronic Statement Agreement and enter the Disclosure Acceptance Code located at the end of the agreement in the corresponding field on the screen to accept the disclosure. Once accepted you can choose which accounts will receive eStatements by selecting Electronic or Paper from the "Enrollment Preference" drop downs located next to each account. Click the "Accept & Update Preferences" button to confirm your delivery preferences.

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