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The financial well-being of your business is essential for continued growth and success. The following articles discuss a variety of business-related financial scenarios and tips.

3 Steps to Getting a Business Loan

Obtaining a loan for your growing business is an exciting and frightening prospect. Exciting, because someone other than you thinks your business is a good investment. Frightening, because you have a lot to lose if you're both wrong.

If you believe in your business and have decided that a loan is worth the expense and the risk, then it's time to go out and get one.

How to Insure Your Business

When a friend of mine got laid off from his job recently, he decided to start a dog-sitting business. One of his first charges was a prize-winning pooch whose "parents" went off to Maui for a second honeymoon. Just around the time his clients were checking into their beachfront bungalow, my friend lost their dog. Hours later, the couple was back on a plane, heading home to hunt for their pup. Although Spot did turn up a couple of days later, my friend couldn't avoid a lawsuit.

As a business owner, you put yourself and your business on the line every day. While no one wants to think about the "What ifs?" it's wise to assume that your luck might run out one day. With the right kind of insurance, you can stop worrying and keep working