Advisory Services

Your ESB financial professional is your full-time investment manager. Your investment needs, risk profile and time horizons are analyzed so an effective strategy can be planned and executed. This portfolio is continually monitored and adjusted with asset reallocation to anticipate changes with your goals as well as the financial markets. We service both personal investors as well as businesses.

We can offer you professionally managed investment portfolios. We build your portfolio using a selection of individual stocks, bonds, insurance products and mutual funds designed to meet your investment objectives. Our financial professionals use computer-modeling tools and market intelligence to make informed decisions on your behalf. The assets are proactively managed and monitored on a daily basis with rebalancing of the portfolio when necessary. Your ESB financial professionals also use long-term forecasts of the markets and the latest economic research. You are advised every step of the way to make sure your portfolio addresses your investment goals as they change and grow.

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